Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Belief and Success

Posted on: September 12, 2012

At my meeting Friday, there were a couple of questions posted on the wall:

How much do you believe you’ll be successful at weight loss?  What if believing in yourself was all it took to succeed?

I’ve been kind of toying with those questions since then.  See, last time I did Weight Watchers, I lost 77 lbs, then started really struggling.  I had gone to visit some friends, and put on ten pounds.  I really believed I had been broken by this.  And the moment I started believing I had been broken, I started making choices and taking actions that confirmed that belief.  Compounding that was the winter of 2010-2011, when the weather kept me indoors for six months (I do have a bad ankle, and walking in snow and ice is tricky.)  Add in retirement, sitting at my computer for hours while freelancing, and noshing at every conceivable chance…well, it’s not a wonder that I regained the weight.  The only surprise is that it took me nine months to do it.

So, the one thing I know going in this time is that I need to change my “stinkin’ thinkin’,” so I don’t do that to myself again.  I have no illusion that just saying that will change things, but I am hoping that I will be more aware when I lose sight of the goal, or when I start telling myself garbage.

My leader reminded us that the brain only “hears” positive:  i.e., if you say “I don’t want to ‘x’,” your brain processes it as “I want to ‘x’.”  In other words, as I learned long ago, “It lives in your languaging.”  Which means that what you tell yourself is what you will make happen.  And I want to work on that this time around.

So, back to the questions:

How much do you believe you’ll be successful at weight loss?  I honestly believe that this time around I will not only succeed at getting the weight off, but that I will have goals in place beyond that in order to keep the weight off, because I will work at having those goals in place, and at getting to be more conscious about what I tell myself.

What if believing in yourself was all it took to succeed? It would be marvelous, since belief in yourself is the first step in believing you are worthy of success.  I am sure that this can be encouraged and developed, especially since I already do have a decent amount of self-esteem.

So, what does believing in myself entail?  It means making a conscious effort to become aware of what I tell myself, and how I tell it to myself.  It means paying attention to the actions I take and becoming conscious of what choices I make and improving them.  It means allowing these choices to become part of my life, rather than actions I have to take obsessively.  It means taking responsibility for my choices.  It means accepting that I am human, and will make the choices I make, and that if I do make a less than optimal choice in one instance or another, it is just one choice, and I can make better choices going forward rather than obsessing over my “error.”  But mostly it means that I believe I am capable of setting and reaching my goals, both for weight loss, and for all the other areas of my life that I have been sabotaging myself in.

So, let me ask you the following:  How much do you believe you’ll be successful at (insert goal here)?  What if believing in yourself was all it took to succeed?



2 Responses to "Belief and Success"

I find I tend to find I have a harder time with the “doing the work” part of achieving my goals than I do with the “believe in yourself” part.

Hi Turtle! Yes, that’s the hard part — changing the way one has thought for years requires conscious effort.

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