Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Some Useful Links for Those Watching Their Weight

Posted on: September 14, 2012

Today’s post will be a bit different; I’m going to list some great places on the web for people who are watching their weight.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and I will definitely be mentioning other websites as I come across them.  These are the ones that I’ve noticed or dealt with over the week, so I figured they’d be a good place to start.

WeightWatchers:  One of the premier programs for weight loss.  Over the last two years, their program has changed once, and been modified once.  They have a number o things anyone can use, but one must be a paying member to use their e-tools tracking system.  However, the e-tools system is well worth the price o admission.  Their foods database covers a wide range of fresh and prepared foods, as well as a number of chain restaurants.  They also have a bar-code scanner that can scan the bar code of an item in the supermarket, and calculate the Points Plus value. They also have message boards, and articles about all aspects of dieting.  For those playing the home game, it is the program I am using.

Spark People:  One of the longest-standing websites for people who want to track their progress.  They have recipes, message boards, articles on health, fitness, and just about anything someone concerned with weight could want to read.

Fat Secret:  Gives nutritional information on a number of foods.  Also has a food tracker, an activity tracker, a place to create a journal, and a place to create a book of recipes.

Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone:  One of my favorite spots.  It has both Points and Points Plus values for foods from a great number of chain restaurants, fast food places, and convenience stores.  It also has ties to the “Weight Commander” program (an excellent method or tracking progress), message boards, and a newsletter. They also have an app for amsrtphones:  Dotti’s Food Score.

Hungry Girl:  Lisa Lillien is a doll.  Her site has recipes (with Points Plus values), news about food products, questions & answers, swaps for various restaurant goodies, and an email newsletter with a different focus for each day of the week.

Today is weigh-in, and my results are: I lost 5.2 lbs, or a total lost of 9.4 lbs.  My new weight is 253.0!

Also, I have decided to put my pedometer readings up, in this spirit o accountability.  To get caught up, they started at:

June:  Monthly Total: 3,798; Daily Average: 271; Aerobic: 0

July:  Monthly Total: 10,887; Daily Average: 345; Aerobic: 0

August:  Monthly Total: 21,078; Daily Average: 880; Aerobic: 0

September (to date): Monthly Total: 17,417; Daily Average: 1,340; Aerobic: 1,340

As is plainly clear, while my daily average is improving, it is doing so at a fairly gentle rate.  I have no problem with this, so long as it keeps improving.  Once I have regained my normal walking range and endurance, I’m thinking o trying a “Couch to 5K” program, but that will have to wait a while yet.

Yesterday, I was having a conversations with my friend Abby, and her system of movements came up.  We also discussed how Tai Chi might be something I should look at as a way of regaining some of my flexibility.

What online resources are you aware of for those involved in this journey?  What sites do you go to for information?  For recipes to use or to tweak? or health or fitness information?


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Thank you for the helpful information!

Thanks for commenting. Also, if you have any favorite sites, please let me know, so that I can include them in my next posting of links.

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