Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

More Useful Links…

Posted on: September 19, 2012

Hi!  Here are some more useful links:

Food Lists and Restaurants Guides or the Palm  While I don’t know if anyone still uses the Palm platform, back when I did this was a massively useful site, so I figured I should include it here.

Real Age  They have lots of tips tricks, and an evaluation you can take to find out the age your body is in terms of wear, tear, and general health.

The Fresh Loaf  Not necessarily for dieters, but a good site for those who want to learn to bake breads.    Once you know the basics, you can tweak things to fit whatever program you are on.  Also good for adding to your skill set.

I am running today — my sister needs help with her computer (this is a continuation from last week).  She was nice enough to call me last night to see if I could eat what she was planning to make.  It sounds pretty good — bluefish is one of my favorite fishes.



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