Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Friday Accountability

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Down 1.8 lbs. at weigh-in this afternoon. New weight is 251.2! I’ve hit my 5%, and lost 11.4 lbs. total.  Lost a point from my daily allowance; I now get 32 points/day, plus 49 points to use as I wish during the week.

Today at meeting we were discussing how, for many people, it’s harder to stay on plan over the weekend than it is during the week. I mostly sat and listened, because — for me — weekends aren’t very different from weekdays. A lot of people noted that the reasons they have issues on the weekend were:

  • parties
  • a feeling of being “off-the-clock”
  • a less structured environment
  • having easier access to food at home than at work
  • drinking/dinners with family and/or friends
  • mindset
  • grabbing the quick and easy foods
  • boredom

While I don’t have much difference between weekdays and weekends, I did a little looking at the reasons to try to see how they affect me.  The social things are not my usual problem areas.  For me, it’s often boredom that pushes me to stroll over to the fridge and grab whatever I find there. And that is not necessarily the best thing I could do.  When I get bored, I have no dearth of choices:  read, draw, walk, dance, listen to music, practice guitar, clean or organize something, talk to a friend; the thing is to remember to choose one of those, rather than run to food.  Regarding lack of structure:  I can see where that could be an issue, but it is one that I actually learned to overcome the last time I tried this, because my schedule was much crazier then.  Also, mindset is important!  I need to remember that what I want in the future is to be a Weight Watchers leader, and that I can make the choices that will enable me to reach goal, become a Lifetime member, maintain that, then get hired and begin to work up to Leader status.

I have not been quite as consistent in my walking this week, but I was doing a lot of sedentary stuff, including a long day of tech support for my sister.

9/14:  3,282 steps
9/15:  837 steps
9/16:  83 steps
9/17:  0 steps
9/18:  0 steps
9/19:  418 steps
9/20:  1,515 steps

On the other hand, my daily average steps or this month is 1,281, which is a huge advance over last month’s (which was 680), so I am not displeased.

So, the question on the board this week at meeting, which I will put here or you to contemplate (even as I do this week) is:  How easy is it to stay on Plan over the weekend compared to during the week?


2 Responses to "Friday Accountability"

I hear ya’–boredom is one of my BIG problems when it comes to eating. Sometimes I just have to force myself out of the kitchen. 🙂

Yeah, the easy things to change are the external ones…the internal ones require much more vigilance to replace.

Do you have any tricks you use to turn it around or you when you start feeling that boredom that drives you to the fridge?

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