Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Signs of Progress

Posted on: September 24, 2012

One of the first things I learned the last time that I did Weight Watchers is that a number is just that:  a number.  It is not the end of the world if that number is not the one we want each week; there are far better ways to mark where we are along the path.

Now, as those of you who read this regularly know, I do post my numbers on Fridays.  It’s my accountability to both myself and to you guys, who are – after all – my support system.  And I won’t deny that I am pleased with the numbers so far, because I am.  But I find that other markers are much more important to me.

On Sunday, my roommate (Sue), my ex (Marc), and I headed out to the Brooklyn Book Festival, and it provided me with all the markers of my progress that I need (at least or the moment).

First of all, I was able to get back into my size 24 jeans again.  They are my second favorite pair of jeans (my favorites are my size 16s).

Next, I was able to do all the walking at the Book Festival, and to and from dinner and the reading we went to afterwards, without having an asthma attack or reaching for my inhaler, having to stop to sit after every half block, or (after the initial drop across the street from the main stage at the Book Festival) having to have Marc drop me at the door before going to park the car somewhere else.  I was also able to climb the front stairs at Borough Hall to get into the rotunda for an autographing session I wanted to attend.

Third, when we got home, I felt like myself – not the exhausted wreck I have often felt like after much less exertion.  More surprisingly, I had done enough walking to earn 20 Activity Points on my Plan!

These markers are more important to me because they are not some abstract number that some insurance company has decided is *my* number, but are real indicators of my progress on the path.  They are the indications that I am getting healthy again, and that even the small steps that I have taken to date are having a very real, very concrete effect on my body, and on my attitude.

So, my questions to ponder for this post are:  What changes are the markers you can use instead of a number?  What does progress on this path look like to you?  How does it feel as those markers begin to be achieved?


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