Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

It’s Friday again…

Posted on: September 28, 2012

…so it’s time for some accountability.

I stayed the same at weigh-in, which I’m pretty sure is due to the physical issue I’ve mentioned in the past.  No big deal, since I knew it was likely.  Just means I will probably have a very nice loss next week.

At meeting this week, we discussed a challenge that Weight Watchers is doing as a count-down to Thanksgiving.  Each week for the next eight weeks, starting the week of September 30th, there is an assigned task.  I am going to take on this challenge.

The challenge assignments are:

Week of:

  • September 30:  TRACK AND DISCOVER
  • October 14:  SNACK AND TRACK
  • October 21:  GET ACTIVE
  • October 28:  TAKE TIME
  • November 4:  POWER UP
  • November 11:  MAKE A LOSING LIST
  • November 18:  LIGHTEN UP!

This week’s task is to TRACK AND DISCOVER.  The assignment reads:

Review your tracker daily to see what you can learn or tomorrow — whether it’s insight into what, when, or why you’re eating; a way to fit activity into your day more easily; or a better alternative to your afternoon coffee drink.

They note that if a person loses half a pound a week, for the next eight weeks, that person will be four pounds lighter by Thanksgiving.  Given that many of us on program lose between one and two pounds a week, we could conceivably be eight to sixteen pounds lighter by Thanksgiving!

Walking Accountability:

  • Friday:             3,353 steps
  • Saturday:        1,551 steps
  • Sunday:           2,528 steps
  • Monday:         145 steps
  • Tuesday:         23 steps
  • Wednesday:   0 steps
  • Thursday:       2,655 steps

Again, not as consistent as I’d like, but I’m getting there.  And the walking was helped by the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday.  The Festival is set up in three rows of booths over Cadman Plaza, and is a lot of walking, including traveling between the two stage areas (more if you go to the nearby off-site lecture venues, which we didn’t).  I got 20 activity points from that plus the walking I did  from our parking spot to a reading we went to afterwards, and back to the car after the reading.  Much to my surprise and pleasure, the leg neuropathy did not act up at all.

This week, I had a big challenge on Thursday.  I knew I was eating lunch at a Mexican place, so I checked their menu on the Web, and walked in with a plan and stuck to it (I had a large chicken tinga burrito, 18 tortilla chips, and some salsa, all accounted for in my tracker).  However, I had no idea what dinner would be.  My friends and I decided to go for Indian food.  We ended up in a sort of Indian fast food place.  I had a chicken tikka kebab, but brought home the rice and pickled onions to use in a salad, and I had half of a channa masala roll (garbanzos, onions, and spices rolled up in a chapati), bringing the other half home (and these were also tracked; I love eTools).

This morning, instead of going to our usual meeting in Manhattan, my friend Claudia and I (accompanied by my roommate) went to the Kings Highway Center, here in Brooklyn, for weigh-in, because the three of us were planning to go to a talk by Jean-Michel Othoniel, an artist who works in glass.  This is the exhibit that Claudia and my roommate took me to for my birthday.  My roommate surprised me by giving me the accompanying book — just in time for me to ask the artist to sign it before his talk.  It was a really great time, and since the museum is “Pay what you wish, but you must pay something” it’s one of a number of places I can go to do some walking when the weather is rotten.  I am going to start accumulating a list of those, so that I have a way to get out of the house when the weather would otherwise prevent me from walking.

So, it has been a very interesting week, with lots of “wins.”  And I’m looking forward to challenging myself over the next eight weeks, since one of my big goals this time around is to actually do the work on myself, rather than just dropping the pounds.


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