Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

A Potentially Rough Month

Posted on: October 1, 2012

I am concerned that this month is going to post significant challenges on a number of grounds.

First is financial.  As many of you know, I have a roommate whose financial acumen is roughly half of that of a piece of paper toweling.  She has screwed up again, leaving us without grocery money for the month.  Since my program relies heavily on produce, which you can’t really buy “once a month”, this is going to keep me challenged to find ways to eat that are on my program, but are not expensive.  I know about buying a lot and making soups and chili and such, but we are starting the month $500 in the hole, so this is going to be a significant challenge.

Second is the harder part:  It would be really easy to just give up at the start, scream that the roomie is sabotaging my efforts, and whinge about “How am I supposed to stick to my program when the whole world is conspiring against me?”

Last time I did this program, I had gone to visit friends out of state, and -when promises of no problems cooking to support my diet were totally disregarded – I let it get to me.  I walked around claiming that I had become “broken” by the experience, and from that moment on the process became a struggle.  Eventually, I got tired of months of struggling and gave up, which is how I ended up gaining back most of the weight.

I am not sure what it will take for me not to let myself fall into that state of mind again.  Awareness is surely part of it, and having good friends who can call me on it when they hear me falling into it and who I can brainstorm with to find ways to keep on track, but I need to find a reframe that won’t sound like “pie in the sky optimism” when I am at what feels like the bottom of a fairly deep well.

So my questions today are,  Do you really believe that you can change your limiting beliefs so that you can change your actions when facing a significant challenge? How do you pick yourself up after a fall? How do you let go of whatever it is that could stop you, so you can get back on track without beating yourself up or blaming the universe?


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