Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

It’s Friday Again

Posted on: October 13, 2012

For those who have not met me in person, this is what I looked like in April of 2009.  I weighed 271 lbs, and was angry, resentful, and generally miserable.  I joined Weight Watchers and lost 77 lbs over the next two years.  The funny thing is that it was easy — right until I went to visit some friends out of state, and lost sight of my goal.  When I got back, I struggled along for a few months, not really believing I could get back on track, feeling broken and sorry for myself, and generally not being who I really am.  The result was that, by the end I had gained back all the weight, and then a few.  I hit 275.

In June this year I went into the hospital with cellulitis that had gone both septic and systemic.  I lost a bit of weight while there, and managed to keep it off, even after I got out.  The second photo was taken about three days after I got out of the hospital.  In fact, I lost 10 lbs while there, and managed to lose a bit more after I got home.  Got down to about 255, in fact, but then I noticed the scales were starting to creep up again.  Needless to say, this made me feel like I was fighting an uphill battle.

I decided to deal with it before I ended up gaining back the twenty I had lost, and before I became angry, resentful, and drowning in self-pity.  I talked it over with the roommate, and we decided that we could afford it for me to go back on Weight Watchers, which I did.  So I am back on the road to feeling better, looking better, and being able to do all the things I enjoy once again.

Anyway, here are today’s statistics:

Weighed in at 246.6, which is a loss of .6 lbs this week.  Not bad, when you consider my physical issue is acting up.  According to eTools, which is using my original starting weight, I have lost 25 lbs.  However, according to the current WW database, I have lost  15.8 lbs.  Either way, I’m happy.

Didn’t do so well with the walking this week — weather and a bad cold kept me indoors for a couple of days.

  • Friday 10/5:  4508 steps
  • Saturday 10/6:  658 steps
  • Sunday 10/7:  0 steps
  • Monday 10/8:  0 steps
  • Tuesday 10/9:  0 steps
  • Wednesday 10/10:  0 steps
  • Thursday 10/11:  0 steps

My total steps for September was 42,153, an average of 1,405 steps/day.  My August figures were 21,078 total steps, with a daily average of 880.  So I have kept my word and increased my steps .

I did one thing a little differently this week:  On Monday and Tuesday, I went on a cooking tear:  I made buffalo chicken breast in the crock pot; beef stew in the crock pot, and chili on the stove.  And I portioned them out into containers.  I then put half of each recipe into the fridge and the other half into the freezer.  It’s working well so far, and I am probably going to try a combo mash of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot when I get back from the pharmacy, and do the same thing with it.  The goal is to always have stuff in the house that I can eat and that I *want* to eat, so that I don’t go ordering takeout every time I don’t feel up to cooking.

Next week promises to be a busy one — a Meet and Greet I won at a romance writers convention on Saturday; helping a friend get stuff out of her storage space Sunday; two book signings during the week; and weigh-in on Friday.  I hope to get more walking in because I will be out of the house a lot, but we will see what happens.

At meeting today, we talked more about reframing and rehearsing, as well as about socializing with and without food.  And, as the holiday season approaches, this is important.  Planning gives us the ability to make the choices that serve us best, so that we are not beating ourselves  up after events.  It also allows us to look at what we tell ourselves, so that we can choose to change that.

We discussed how to say no without hurting the feelings of hosts/family members who are offering us food we don’t want.  This is important, because holidays are filled with instances of well-meaning family members who push food on us, even as they tell us we need to lose weight.

Our leader also pointed out that when we sit home telling ourselves how badly we will do at an event, we are actually rehearsing how to fail.  I think he has a very good point.  I know that when I decided in advance how I am going to behave at an event, especially when I confide my plan to whoever I am going with, I have a much easier time sticking to that plan.

My questions for today involve social events.  What can you do to socialize that doesn’t involve food?  If you are going to a social event that involves food, what can you do to create a plan for success?  What strategies do you use to deflect unwanted offers of food?  To make sure you feel included in the event, rather than that you are sacrificing enjoyment to stay on your food plan?  What strategies do you have when plans change, and you end up going somewhere other than where you had planned for a meal?



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