Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Friday Again

Posted on: October 27, 2012

Not the greatest report this week, although there was some really good news along the way.

I gained 1.2 lbs this week, mostly due to the stupid physical problem the surgeon caused in 2008.  I’m not too worried about this, because I know what it is, and that it’s the one part of this process that I have no physical control over.  It does cause me to have bumps in the road of anywhere from one to five pounds, but those bumps usually get resolved fairly quickly, so they are not worth worrying about.  The thing I hate about these flare ups, though, is just that:  that I have no control over this one thing, and that it feels a lot like my body is betraying me when it does happen.

Be that as it may, there is another part to this week’s issue:  I had some kind of bug, so I did almost no walking at all:

  • 10/19:  2,344 steps
  • 10/20:  289 steps
  • 10/21:  717 steps
  • 10/22:  0 steps
  • 10/23:  9 steps
  • 10/24:  0 steps
  • 10/25:  5 steps

However, there is some very good news involved:  I can now walk up to six blocks without my cane — at my normal rate, if the neuropathy doesn’t kick in while walking; more slowly if it does kick in, because I have to be very careful to not walk out of a shoe I can’t feel, and how I place the affected foot on the ground.  Still, I was afraid I would end up cane-bound or worse, so this is significant progress for me.

Food wise, I found a great dessert:  Hungry Girl’s Red Hot Apple Pie in a Mug.  Since I couldn’t find any red hots (she uses them in her recipe), I made a significant variation, but the base is still hers.

Herewith, my variation:

In a microwave -safe mug, put one diced up apple (and dicing the apple is the hardest part of this recipe), either 2 tbsp of cooking Splenda or 2 tbsp of sugar-free syrup (my favorites for this purpose are the sugar-free DaVinci syrups – notably the spice and the caramel flavors).  Crumble one 4-part graham cracker over the apples and syrup.  Microwave for one  or two minutes.  Top with a bit of fat-free whipped cream, and enjoy.  For the one portion, it’s a Points Plus value of 4.

Today at the meeting, we sort of half tossed the standard agenda to discuss planning and readiness for emergencies.

You see, most of the members of our meeting live either in Brooklyn, or on Long Island, both of which are in the path of the upcoming Hurricane Sandy.  So, we discussed what to have on hand to keep from letting the anxiety (and the possible power outages and flooding ), from derailing us.

We also discussed doing something new for just 10 minutes a day, which is a great plan, and how sometimes it’s our own “I can’t” that holds us back from learning a new skill.

The third thing we discussed was the difference between looking at what we are doing as a diet, and looking at it as a plan or a lifestyle.  Diana noted that looking at it as a diet encourages people to think of it as something you do until you reach goal, whereupon you stop doing it, while looking at it as a plan or a lifestyle encourages you to keep going and acquiring the skills to keep the weight off once you have lost it.

The fourth thing we discussed was a handout with some Asian recipes:  So Low Mein, Fully-Loaded Egg Rolls, and Sweet & Sticky Sesame Chicken.  All three recipes are from Hungry Girl, so I didn’t take the handout, since I have all her cookbooks at home, and know how to find recipes on her website.

Today’s questions are:

  • Are you prepared for emergencies that might leave you without power, gas, or other resources?
  • What foods do you keep on hand for such situations?
  • What methods do you use to keep from getting derailed when you have a bad week?
  • Do you think of your weight loss method as a “diet” or a plan or lifestyle?  What do you perceive the differences to be?
  • What do you do when your regular method of exercise is unavailable, so that you don’t lose momentum? (Note:  This is what initially tripped me up when I went off-program in 2010.)
  • What could you do for just ten minute a day that would help you master some new skill?

So, that’s today’s news.  I hope that anyone in the path of the upcoming hurricane stays safe and on plan!


2 Responses to "Friday Again"

You have my sympathies about the temporary weight fluctuations. Try not to get angry at your body. I suggest that you view your weight as a range, like high & low tide. When you know you’re at high tide, you know that it’s not regained fat and will dissipate when the tide goes out. Reward yourself with something non-food whenever the high water mark goes down 5 lbs., even if it’s just a TV program that you like.

As far as exercising goes, have you tried hand weights at home? I do upper body exercises using 1 lb. food cans while watching TV with my family at night, It ain’t purty, but something is better than nothing.

Not to mention high & low tides around here for a bit, please 😉 Seriously, the only thing that kept us from being flooded by Hurricane Sandy is the parkway Robert Moses had built around Brooklyn. At my latitude it is elevated on a solid rock base, and made a dandy berm.

All kidding aside, thanks for taking some time to think of possible alternatives for me. I know about this issue, and it isn’t the one that derails me. I also know that when it resolves itself, I will have a really good loss that week.

I hate using weight, even though I have them. I’m okay for the moment on that though. Since my neighborhood didn’t flood, I was able to take a little walk yesterday, although,given the messy ground, I did take my cane along. Much as I’m glad to not “need” the cane for short distances, I would much rather take it it along when the ground is questionable, like most of NYC is at the moment. I will, however, try to get myself to use the weights in winter, when what is preventing me going out is ice.

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