Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Friday Accountability

Posted on: November 2, 2012

This is one of the posts I hate writing, but when I started this blog I committed to let the journey be shown, warts and all, as my friend Pat would say, so here goes.

I fell off program this week.  Not a big fall, thank heavens, but a fall nonetheless.  And I am back on program already so whatever damage got done will soon be gone.

However, the damage was compounded by not being able to walk this past week, mostly due to the after-effects of Superstorm Sandy, which has uprooted trees in my neighborhood, blocking sidewalks, and making walking generally dangerous.  Further, the one time I did venture out, I seem to have picked up some crud — it feels like a really bad cold, but it could be that I’m reacting to some mold or other crud raised by the storm.  (I doubt it was mold, though…when I was in the asthma study, mold was the one thing I didn’t test allergic to.)  Further, our Landlord is kind of rationing the heat — not something he likes to do, but oil trucks cannot get down our block because of the tree blocking the street, so it really is the better part of valor to ration the oil we do have.  And, like in a snowstorm, given that we are not in a Zone A (and are only on what is termed a tertiary street), the gods know when they will get to our tree.

At any rate, all I feel like eating right now is soup and tea.   Fortunately, we have lots of that in the house.

So, rather than whinge at folks about how awful it is that I fell off program, I am going to just reiterate my resolve to get through this, get over this cold, or whatever it is, and come through the other side back on program and stronger than ever.



2 Responses to "Friday Accountability"

My Prayers are with you … and one step back isn’t always a bad thing … Baby steps walk in both directions ….

Hi Shepherdsmom! Thank you for the reminder! I really needed to hear it today. Perspective tells me that my problems with this are so small — especially this week. Still, I have to face them, and it does get discouraging sometimes. I’m so glad I have people like you to shore me up.

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