Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

I Haven’t Forgotten that It’s Monday…

Posted on: November 6, 2012

…but I really don’t have anything to say today.  I’m still struggling to get back on program.  I have one of those colds where you are either totally without appetite or totally ravenous.

I’ve been eating mostly comfort foods when I have had some appetite:  my recreation of Mom’s split pea soup, my ex’s curried chicken and tons of grains soup, matzoh ball soup, etc.  I’ve also been craving pasta, which I try to control as a rule since it can be a trigger food if I’m not careful.  At any rate, whatever the hit to my progress is, I will take it and move on from there.  No use beating myself up over things.

And I’ve been worrying.  My sister got badly hit by Hurricane Sandy, and lives right where the predicted coastal flooding from the impending nor’easter is supposed to hit.  Her home got 8 feet of water in her garage, and three feet of water in her house.  She’s had to actually use her fireplace to get heat (and anyone who knows my sister knows that she is terrified of fire).  I have no idea of what will happen if the impending nor’easter causes more flooding in her neighborhood, but I’m praying as hard as I can.

I have discovered that Coricidin HBP (designed or folks like me, who have high blood pressure) works nicely, and kicks in fast.  I start feeling better about 15 minutes after taking it.  I highly recommend it for anyone with high blood pressure and a cold.  (I’m taking the Cold & Flu variety.)

Anyway, stay safe and warm, and do not forget to vote tomorrow (I will not push here for either candidate…who you vote for is not my business; that you vote, if you are eligible to do so, is.)

Peace out,


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