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I’m Still Not Up to Speed

Posted on: November 7, 2012

I could make a ton of excuses for this, but I won’t.  The bald fact is that I am still not back on program, and it’s my choice not to be right now.

I will get there, have no doubt about that.  I sure don’t have any doubt about it.  But right now, there is just too damned much to deal with.

Mostly, I am eating warm things, because the house is very cold, and has been since Hurricane Sandy.  My Landlord, never exactly generous with heat, is rationing the heat, because the oil truck still cannot get down our street because the city has still not removed the downed tree that is tangled with the power lines. (I’m typing this with a nightgown, full sweats and a hoodie on.)  I have extra blankets on my bed, but one can only spend so much time in bed per day.

It’s cold and rainy here at the moment — we are getting the beginning of the nor’easter that has been predicted.  The news just noted that it’s actually snowing on the Upper West Side, and looking out my window, I can see the rain changing to snow.

My sister had to evacuate again, and will probably have to redo all the repairs she had to make since the Hurricane again, because they are predicting coastal flooding to hit right around where she lives.

The roommate is out of the house at the moment (she was scheduled for a sonogram today, as a follow-up to her July hospital adventure.  I really hope she has the sense to get a car service to come home (assuming nothing goes wrong when they do the sonogram, of course).  Money may be tight this month, but I don’t want her waiting in the rain for the somewhat limited transit we have out here.

Fortunately, while we were walking to the polling place yesterday to vote (and I really hope you all voted), we overheard someone talking to a friend about going to the local supermarket after voting to stock up on staples in case the storm got really bad.  We decided that this was a Very Good Idea, so we went there after lunch.  It was crowded, but we were able to get chopped meat, pork chops, and a turkey breast, since we were starting to run a bit low on meats.  Would have gotten some fish, but the lines at the fish and deli counters were horrendous.

So, right now, I’m alternating soup, coffee, and tea, and trying to stay warm until this weather mess is over.

Stay safe and warm, and I will write more on Friday, when I find out just how bad the hit from my week off program will be.


3 Responses to "I’m Still Not Up to Speed"

Soup from your meat bits (bones, etc) is dead easy. So is bean soup (plus it’s really cheap, a good source of protein, high in fiber, and fairly low in calories). If you’ve got any greens, throw them in at the end (they only need a couple of minutes) – fresh or frozen are fine; I keep frozen spinach on hand for recipes.

On the PP thing, I sent you an email last week, but it might have gone AWOL with all the weather stuff. The magic number is 37, and I use my usual email addy (first name dot last name at gmail).

It looks like your package shipped last week, and is marked as delivered on 3 November. Did it actually show up?

Soup is definitely dead easy, and very cheap. I have two more pints of split pea soup, and a pint of Marc’s curried chicken & red bean soup in the fridge.

Re the PC, just sent you $37 via PP, and the package arrived on 11/3. Just been kind of preoccupied, due to the hurricane and now the nor’easter. They sent it in this really huge box, that was mostly filler, with the actual item on the bottom.

Due to the size of the item, and not wanting to advertise it to whoever, yeah, it’s in a honking big box (I got a similar size box, with lots of craft paper that is now in the recycling bin).

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