Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Handling Thanksgiving (and other holidays)

Posted on: November 21, 2012

Okay, folks.  This is it.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the big holiday season.  No matter what you celebrate, you have likely been conditioned to base a large part of those celebrations around food.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  More than almost any other holiday, this is geared totally around food (although, in truth, it should be geared around people and reflection on what we have that makes our lives good).  People make huge dinners, and expect their guests to stuff themselves.  Or they arrange to have food in restaurants, where their plates are over-stuffed.

For me, I have a plan.  My sister and I are going to a cousin’s for Thanksgiving.  I called my cousin, and we talked about what she was having for dinner,  and I offered to bring a dessert that everyone could enjoy and would keep me on track without making me feel deprived.  I am planning to take no more than a spoonful anything on the table, because even though my cousin believes that she cooks healthy, she cooks differently than I do, and uses oils an sauces that I would not.  Also, her daughter-in-law will be bringing some Indian food, which I love, and she’s a really good cook, so I see no reason to deprive myself.  Further, y sampling a little of everything, I will be minimizing the chance of other trying to feed me thing I haven’t taken, and comments about my diet.

When it comes to desert, I am not only bringing a pie I make, but I’m bringing a can of Fat-Free Reddi Wip, so that when I am at the table, my dessert will be no different (at least visually) to anyone else’s.

Beyond that, I’m planning on concentrating on the people there, rather than the food.  These are my family, and I don’t get to see some of them anywhere near enough (one of my aunts lives in Texas), and I know that time I spend talking with them will not be time spent eating.

I am also planning on having breakfast before I go to my cousin’s.  I know many people think that skipping breakfast will help them stay on track at Thanksgiving dinner.  For me, however, all it would do is make it harder for me to stay on track because I would be more likely to overeat, for two reasons:  First, I would be inclined to feel that skipping breakfast would entitle me to eat more, which is dangerous. Second, I would be more hungry, which would lead me to eat more.

And, finally, if I need them, I will use some of the 49 weekly points my program allows me each week, just for such occasions.

What I will try not to do is get upset if/when people who do know I am trying to lose weight ask “Can you have that?”  I will simply explain that there are no forbidden foods on the program I am on, and let it go at that.

So, I know how I will handle the holidays and holiday parties.  What strategies do you employ to handles such occasions and till keep on track with your program?



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