Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Friday after Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 24, 2012

The good news is that I went into doing Thanksgiving with a plan, and I stuck to my plan.  The bad news is that my body is up to its old tricks a bit, so I gained .2 lbs.  But my body’s old tricks can cause me to be holding 3-4 lbs. of solids at any given time, so .2 lbs. is nothing.

I took my turkey (and some skin — I will give up almost anything, but not my poultry skin; especially when it’s nice and crispy!), and then proceeded to load up my plate with veggies.  What my cousin did was to set up all the food in the kitchen on her counter and side table, and we ate in the dining room/living room, which was great, because once you fixed your plate you were away from the food. Her husband brought our beverages to us, so what was on the table was what we were eating and drinking, without a lot of temptations or distractions.  She had rolls and salad on the table, so I sat at the end away from the rolls, so I couldn’t see them.  Not that I was worried — there was so much good, healthy food that I was not gonna waste points on store-bought rolls, no matter how fluffy.  I heaped a salad bowl with salad, and topped it with a little bit of Ken’s Lite Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing.  I sat at the end of the table, with my sister, her fiance, my cousin’s daughter, and my aunt from Texas and we had a really great conversation.

The food (besides the turkey) was my sister’s garlic turnips, butternut squash, mixed veggies in olive oil (I only had a little of that), kernel corn, stuffing (I only took one spoonful), mashed sweet potatoes mixed with mashed carrots, and some rice pillaw with chicken (my cousin’s daughter-in-law is Indian, and Jaya’s mom made the pillaw, which was fabulous), and Jaya’s eggplant parmesan (which I had one spoonful of, and it was well worth it).  When it came time for seconds, I took a second spoonful of the turnips, and a bit more of the turkey skin.  For dessert, I split a sliver of pecan pie with my aunt, took one of the cookies that my cousin’s grandson offered me, and a taste of the raspberry/almond torte that my sister brought.

So, my weight for this week is 243.4.  I am pleased, and I met the challenge to lose 8 lbs. by Thanksgiving!  I am, on the whole, pleased.

I have been wearing my AcitveLink device, but have no information to share yet, since I am still in the assessment period.

I have also been tucking my pedometer into my pocket every day (when I have gone out).   Sadly, I am till not walking every day, but I will get there.

  • 11/16:  3,857 steps
  • 11/17:  1,205 steps
  • 11/18:  731 steps
  • 11/19:  0 steps
  • 11/20:  0 steps
  • 11/21:  0 steps
  • 11/22:  545 steps

My next challenge is going to be tomorrow; I will be travelling to White Plain by public transit, to visit my cousin Ira and his family, who will be having my aunt from Texas over.  My sister and her fiance will be taking me home but, given that they got hit badly by Hurricane Sandy, we agreed that having to travel from Long Island to Brooklyn to pick me up, then back to Queens to get to the bridge out of the city, would just be far too long a trip, especially given the cost of gas.  Fortunately, my cousin and his wife are into eating a lot of what we on Weight Watchers call Power Foods, so I am not terribly worried.

Oh, and I have applied for the SNAP (food stamps) program.  I did this after a lot of thought.  Yes,  I have been surviving, but I need to be able to buy more Power Foods for myself, to support my weight loss and getting healthy.  Given that my pension will not support my doing that, I am applying for aid.  The plain truth is that eating more nutritional foods will support my getting healthier, and if I can do anything to improve that process, it really behooves me to do so.

So, going forward, what can you do that will support your efforts to get healthy, lose weight, or whatever your health and other goals are?

See you in a few days!





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