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Life without Internet

Posted on: November 26, 2012

I’m typing this from the library because my router has died.  When I worked this out with the tech last night,we figured tat I’d just have to go and buy a new router.  However, the tech talked to his supervisor, and tomorrow, Optimum is sending over a router — free of charge — and a tech to hook it up.  I couldn’t do it today, because I had a doctor’s appointment, so could not wait around for a tech.

The good news is that the new blood pressure meds seem to be working very well — my blood pressure was 110/70; something that hasn’t happened since I gained back the weight.  The bad news is that, by the end of the day, my left ankle resembles a baseball.  So the doctor and i discussed it, and agreed that, so long as the swelling goes down when I sleep at night, I will stay on my current meds.  He sent my pharmacy a prescription for Singulair, for my asthma, but the pharmacy has to call him because Medicaid rejected my prescription.  He will have to call them and do a prior approval.  Such is life, when the government gets in your healthcare because you cannot afford health insurance on your own.  Still, the jumping through hoops to get meds is better than not having them.

I made a late Thanksgiving dinner for Marc, the roomie, and Claudia yesterday.  We had turkey breast, butternut squash, Claudia’s broccoli/cauliflower mash, spaghetti squash, salad, homemade cranberry relish (using Splenda instead of sugar), my pistachio pie, and Claudia’s pumpkin pie.  I loaded my plate with veggies, and took a heaping bowl of salad (fat-free dressing on the side for dipping), and had about 6 ounces of turkey (mind, this was a combination late lunch/early dinner, or I would have halved the amount of turkey).

No questions this time, since this is pretty much a drive-by posting…our library only lets you use their computers for half an hour.

See everyone Wednesday!


2 Responses to "Life without Internet"

Ugh that your router died. We can use our library’s computers for 6 hours a week, and I think for not longer than 2 hours at a time. I used to go on the computers while my kids looked for books. Now I have an ipad and an iPod touch, so I usually have my own device with me. They have free wi-fi. Nice!

Hi Dawn!

I wish I had a tablet. Would make life much easier. However, when I replace this laptop, it will probably be with an ultrabook, so that I have the bet of both worlds.

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