Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Another Friday, Another Accountability Post! (Part 1)

Posted on: November 30, 2012

I gained this week, but I got a pleasant surprise.  See my home scale said that, in my nightgown I had a 4 lb gain.  And I’m retaining solids again.  Knowing I was going to take a hit, I figured I might as well change from summer weigh-in clothes (light knit stretch pants, tee shirt, no socks) to winter weigh-in clothing (jeans, heavy-ish sweater, thick socks).  So I got to the center, got on the scale, and was surprised to find only a three lb. gain.  This pretty much mean that the total gain was half heavier clothes and half retained solids.  Not bad at all, considering that I had three Thanksgiving dinners this week.

Last Thursday, I was at my cousin M’s; Saturday I was at my cousin I’s; and Sunday I made belated Thanksgiving for myself, my WW buddy C, the roomie and my ex.

So my current weight is 246.4.  Not the greatest, but not terrible, either.


Since I don’t quite get the ActiveLink stuff yet, I wore both that and my trusty pedometer all week.

November 23:  4,734 steps

November 24:  2,469 steps

November 25:  220 steps

November 26:  2,230 steps

November 27:  469 steps

November 28:  86 steps

November 29:  1,968 steps

Will post more tomorrow — I had a long day, and want to get some sleep!


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