Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Something Old, Something New! (and Accountability!)

Posted on: December 7, 2012

Went to meeting this morning, with my friend C.  This is the week that Weight Watchers is unveiling their new focus:  Weight Watchers 360°.

Weight Watchers 360° is going to focus more heavily on the behavior modification aspect of the program — the stuff that helps you change our habits enough to keep the weight off once we lose it.

As I understand it, the first week of each month the program will focus on one aspect of creating new routines for ourselves, and the rest of the month will focus on mastering them.  The idea is to get us out of our old ways of thinking.  The routine I’ve committed to working on this month, by the way, is to have more of my snacks be of the “non-chips” variety.

Of course, being Weight Watchers, there is new merchandise to buy.  They have a new Members Kit with a pretty case, a tracker, four collapsible measuring cups, a recipe book, a fitness DVD, a measuring tape, coupons, and a Point Plus calculator.  You can also get the fancy-schmancy ActiveLink device, designed to help you by figuring automatically the Points Plus values for the cumulative amount of activities you do during the day.

There is also a new kit for new members, which we all received when we weighed in.  It contains a pocket guide, a one-week tracker, an introductory booklet, and a pamphlet of FAQs.

I’m interested to see how the new focus impact my weight loss and, eventually, maintenance.

Now for this week’s accountability.

ActiveLink:  So far, I am inching closer to hitting my baseline on a consistent basis.  There have been a few day when I have exceeded it, but not enough to tart earning Activity Point yet.  I am working on remedying that.


  • 11/30:   1,968 steps
  • 12/1:      2,806 steps
  • 12/2:      4,672 steps
  • 12/3:          544 steps
  • 12/4:               0 steps
  • 12/5:          475 steps
  • 12/6:             66 steps

When I do get out, I am doing okay,although I would like to do better.


As of this morning, I am 243.6 lbs., a total loss this time round, of 18.8 lbs.  My loss for the week was 2.8 lbs.  I now get a total of 31 Points Plus daily, and my 49 weekly Points Plus.

I am also happy to report that I have been succeeding at adding different kinds of whole grains to my repertoire.  So far, I have tried millet & soy, barley, kasha, farro, and rye, as well as sunflower seeds (thanks to my friend Marc).  I was really afraid to add them in for a very long time, because I was afraid they would trigger overuse, and I really didn’t want another food that could trigger a binge.  So far, I seem content to use them in appropriate portions, so it’s all good.  I’m really glad about it, too, since it has been one of my goals to evolve to a more flexatarian diet.

So that’s this week’s accountability.

A couple of questions to mull over until next time:  What patterns hold you back from achieving your goals?  Is there one habit that you would be willing to commit to changing over the course of the next month?   What would you have to do to incorporate a new routine into your daily life to support changing that pattern?


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