Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

I’m Going to a Party (Party)!

Posted on: December 11, 2012

Well, I actually went to one on Saturday night.  One of my oldest friends was turning 60, and he decided to have the old college crowd over.

Unfortunately,when I got there, I discovered that the only thing that was remotely WW-friendly was the sauteed broccoli and garlic.  Marc and I had brought the beverage, so there was plenty of diet soda, which was good, and I had eaten my regular breakfast and lunch during the day so as not to be ravenous.

Dinner was Kentucky Fried Chicken, homemade mac and cheese, french fries, the broccoli (which I ate the lion’s share of, since no one else seemed to want it), two kinds of cake (both homemade) and cookies.  Yes, I had a little bit of everything, but I used the simply filling plan so that I did not stuff myself.

On Friday, I made a commitment to try to cut down on the chips (even though when I do have them, I have the WW-friendly stuff).  So snacks this week have been thing like a pickle, or fat-free cottage cheese with sunflower seeds and some of my cousin’s salsa, or a piece of fruit.  Today, I was feeling a bit industrious, so I made a white chocolate pudding pie, which is setting in the fridge until after dinner.

I also had some energy this morning, so I made mushrooms stuffed with scrambled egg salad for breakfast.  For lunch, I went easy — jut tossed some leftover hamburger into a cup of my soup, added a bit of my cousin’s salsa and some sliced up mushrooms (can you tell I like mushrooms?), heated it, and was good to go.

Tonight, I’ll set up some barley in the small crockpot, and let it cook overnight.  That way, tomorrow, I will be able to have a nice hot, filling breakfast before heading to the oral surgeon for a follow up visit.  If the weather is nice enough, I will try to walk there and back, but I won’t know that until morning.

Yesterday and today were a bit rough.  As some of you may know, I lost my fiance to leukemia in 2010, and lighting Chanukah candles with my ex on Saturday night triggered a bout of missing my fiance very much.  Wouldn’t even mention it here, but instead of shoving the emotions down with food, I just let them be there, knowing they would eventually pass (I tend not to wallow too often).  It was not an easy 24 hours, but I did make it through to the other side, partly by talking it out with a friend (thanks, J!), and partly by being able to pinpoint what had triggered the episode.

So, that’s where things are at today.  The roomie is making dinner, and offered a choice of Rice-A-Roni and spinach or corn and spinach as the side dishes.  I opted for the corn and spinach.

How do you handle social situations where your food choices are not optimal?  Do they throw you off your plan to the point you cannot go forward?  Do you give yourself permission to eat the way you used to for the occasion?  What tools do you use to keep yourself on track without making your plan the center of attention?

How do you cope with tough times?  Are you willing to sit with the emotions, or do you try to distract yourself?  How do you acknowledge it when you do manage to deal with rough times without eating mindlessly?  


4 Responses to "I’m Going to a Party (Party)!"

When I’m dieting and in a place where the food isn’t the right kind, I do exactly what you did. A little bit of a few things, just enough to be full, and then stop. It’s so impossible to control every environment, and you can’t beat yourself up over a few bites of food. I’ll bet when you weigh you won’t notice it.

Well, for me the thing is that I am learning to think of this as not a diet, but a lifestyle change. One of the focuses for WW in 2013 is behavior modification. The theory is that rather than just putting up with a number of changes for however long it takes us to lose the weight, we are learning to make decisions around food that will help us to maintain our weights once we reach our goals. For me, this has manifested in my following a much more flexatarian diet than I used to. As Michael Pollan says in In Defense of Food, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” (If you have not read it, it’s a very pleasant little book that changed my outlook on how I eat even without the program that I am developing for myself on WW.)

You are absolutely right, BTW, about not being able to control every environment, and not beating yourself up over a few bites of food. The other tentacle of that, though, is not to give up because of a few bites (or even a whole meal) of choices that are not what you would make in your own kitchen. So many people, after a meal like the one I had, will say something to the effect of “Oh, I screwed it up. I’ll just eat what I want for the rest of the day, then go back on plan tomorrow. “Tommorrow” then becomes “Monday.” When that occurs, it’s amazing how “Monday” turns into “next week”; “next week” turns into after “x special occasion”, which then turns into “next month.” And eventually, the person just gives up and reverts back to his or her old way of eating, complete with recriminations for failing once again.

Go Deb! Conrgrats on handling several varieties of tough situations. Hugs.

Thanks, Joanne! *hugs* back.

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