Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Today’s Accountability Post

Posted on: December 15, 2012

This will be a bit of a longish post, I suspect, because a lot of good has been happening.

The quick accountability is that I lost 1.25 lbs this week for a total of 20 lbs. gone!  My current weight is 242.4, and I added a second little black rubber bracelet to my wrist to note the milestone.

After meeting, my friend, C, and I headed to the Mirage Diner for lunch, where I had a yummy osso bucco, although I did not eat all the orzo it came with because I was full.  From there, we headed to Radio Shack to get some batteries, then to my house, where C helped me make a major dent at getting junk done in the living room.  All the clothing that was lying around is either put away or is put in one of two laundry bags.  We also got some of the books on the shelves, and a lot of stuff condensed, so that it can be dealt with later on.  Since I want to have the living room clean enough to put up my dining table when I make Christmas dinner, this is a huge start toward that goal.

Meeting was really good today!  We covered more about routines, and about how we revert to old patterns for reasons such as familiarity, fear, ignorance, habit, etc.  We also discussed committing to new habits, and followed up on the commitments we made last week.  At that time, I had committed to cutting down on using the chips from WW for my snacks.  I was pleased to report today that I had changed a lot of my snacking to using power foods, and that I noticed that it had made an impact on how I felt.  I had more energy — and less cravings — all week, and this week I am committed to exploring more non-chips snacks I can have without blowing my plan.

Walking this week was a bit weird.  Managed to have some really respectable days, with only one day I didn’t get anywhere at all:

  • 12/7:  4,237 steps
  • 12/8:  821 steps
  • 12/9:  466 steps
  • 12/10:  0 steps
  • 12/11:  1,826 steps
  • 12/12:  3,736 steps
  • 12/13:  210 steps

So, it has been a very good week in terms of my program.

I don’t have much to add to that, and I only have one real question for today:  What is one small thing that you are willing to commit to for the coming week?


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