Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Another Friday, Another Weigh-In (Accountability) Post

Posted on: December 22, 2012

Went to meeting today, despite feeling crappy when I woke up this morning.  I seem to have developed some kind of cold or other weather-related crud, and the cold meds I had in the house seemed to be taking forever to kick in.  We talked more about routines, and about how we walk around what our real issues are rather than facing them head on.

The scale said that I had gained half a pound, which is no big deal, since when I am retaining solids, I can register as up to four pounds heavier than I actually weigh.  My current weight is 243 lbs., even, but I bet I have a decent loss next week to make up for retaining solids this week!

After meeting, C and I headed back to my place, where we did a bit more digging out of the living room.  We also found and set up the Christmas tree that Dee and I used the last year he was up here, and hung a garland from the bookcases. =That done, C and I had some lunch — pernil for her, and split pea soup for me.

We then tried some experiments in baking, one of which failed miserably, and one of which looks like it will work out pretty well (if it does, I promise a recipe).  I also learned how to make pie crust — something I had never endeavored to do before.

That done, we improvised a small snack to hold us over until dinner:  C had mentioned melting mozzarella over sliced tomatoes, so we tried it with some  Laughing Cow Light (French Onion) – two wedges cut in half and placed on top of a tomato cut into four slices.  The cheese didn’t exactly melt, but it became a bit more creamy, and tasted yummy.  Great snack for only 1 point apiece!  Can’t beat that much.

Walking hasn’t been so great this week.  I have not been wearing my pedometer, since I was mostly hanging around the house in a sweat suit and forgot to switch the pedometer to the sweat suit pocket.  Will have to do better than that this coming week.

However, I am really happy this week, because of getting the majority of the living room dug out, so I can now have guests over.  In fact, I am planning on throwing Christmas dinner, with the help of a few friend.  The roomie is making her dirty mashed potatoes; my friend L is making a chocolate mousse pie; my friend N (L’s wife) is making a ham, a green bean casserole, stuffing, and a dessert to be named later;  C is making her cauliflower/broccoli mash, some butternut squash soup and (if she can find some) her yummy spaghetti squash.  I will be making a turkey breast, and my pistachio pie, a well as a saute of leafy greens and mushrooms for those of us who like such things.  I will also be serving my cousin Ira’s salsa, with some cut up veggies, some Pop Chips, and some WW Roasted Multigrain Salsa Crisps.  C also suggested that we make one of Hungry Girl’s egg nog recipes, which sounds like an excellent idea to me. I am looking forward to having a party where I know what is in everything, so I can make intelligent choices about what to eat and drink.

My plan for the holidays i to do what I have been doing — taste everything, but remember that I want the proportion of food on my plate to be 2/3 veggies to 1/3 carbs and proteins combined.  As for the dessert, they will all be WW-friendly (except maybe the chocolate mousse pie), so there is no chance I will feel deprived.  I am planning on having a bite of each (and wrapping up anything more than a bite to be saved for later.  I am also planning to give a fair portion of the leftover to my guests, so that we all have some food for Boxing Day, but none of us have too much food to take home.

What is your strategy for dealing with the holiday and its celebratory meals?  If you are not hosting the meals, is there some dish you can bring that will support your program, without making a big deal out of your changing lifestyle?  

Also, if you have any really great veggie recipes would you consider sharing them here?  I am always delighted to learn of new ways to use veggies.

Other than that, let me wish you a good weekend, with a minimum of last minute holiday craziness!


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