Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Nu, so What Does a Nice, Jewish Girl do for Christmas?

Posted on: December 24, 2012

This one invites five friends and her roommate for dinner.

Fortunately, I’m not terribly observant, and I don’t keep kosher, so food won’t be a problem…much.

You see, every one of my guests (including me) has at least one food quirk or allergy.  I’ve actually taken a leaf from my friend P (who won’t be here tomorrow) and started a spreadsheet.  The roomie can’t eat mushrooms or anything too spicy; L is a lacto-ovo vegetarian; N can’t eat dairy; C can’t eat mushrooms; R gets headaches from aspartame and dislikes bell peppers; I can’t eat most things with ginger in them; and A doesn’t do green vegetables.

Fortunately, I had enough notice to work around this.  There will be food for everyone, even if everyone can’t eat everything.

For A, there will be chili, which I know she eats.  I was able to assure R that we do not use aspartame as a rule here, and that I dislike bell pepper myself.  For N, one dish is being made with soy milk & soy margarine, so she can enjoy it.  There will be a dessert with sugar for A, and several with Splenda for me & those who can’t do real sugar.  There will be turkey breast.  There will be cut up veggies & onion dip, and PopChips and fresh-made salsa, as well as some very good peppermint, tea, and coffee hard candies for those who want them.  There will be N is making a fresh ham, a green bean casserole, stuffing, and a dessert to be named later.  The roomie is making her dirty mashed potatoes.  I’m also making sweet potatoes (with or without kale & chick peas) and a mixed greens and mushroom saute with slivered almonds and tofu.

I think we’ll have enough food.

No questions today — just a wish for a happy, healthy holiday (or non-holiday), and a reminder to hold your friends and family close, and not take their existence for granted.

Peace out.


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