Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Going to a Party (Party)!

Posted on: January 3, 2013

It’s a friend’s birthday party tonight, and I wasn’t sure I was going until about twenty minutes ago.

So, how to prepare, given that I know she has mostly junk foods at these things?  First, I’ve been drinking tea all afternoon, so I probably won’t want much soda (and she does usually have diet soda).  Second, I just ate a good, hearty dinner:  my Mediterranean chicken, with quinoa and some bok choy as side dishes.  Third, it’s my plan to have as little food as I can get away with at the party — if she has a birthday cake, I will only have a little bit (and I will track it), and give the rest to the friend who is driving me there.  I may have one or two chocolates (which I will also track).  I will avoid the chips and dips, since I know those are my downfall at parties.

So, that is my plan.  (If I get home early enough, I will update this post with a report on how I did.)

How do you prepare to stay on plan at parties without feeling deprived?  What is your favorite pre-party meal?

3-Jan-13, 12:08 am:  Update:  I did pretty good.  Had a couple of cracker with olive tapenade, 1 piece of chocolate, some Chinese vegetables, and some diet soda.  Hopefully, it won’t blow my weigh-in on Friday.


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