Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Not in My Usual Spot

Posted on: January 24, 2013


For the first time ever on WW, I am over my weekly points allowance. Okay, it’s only by 3 points, but it still doesn’t feel very good.

Normally, I’m pretty good at managing my points allowances – both daily and weekly. This week, however, I have been feeling ravenous all week. Coupled with a party on Saturday, where I indulged a bit more than I would normally have done, I mismanaged my allowances.

Mind, it wasn’t all spent on junk. In fact, the majority of the points I spent were actually spent on good, nutritious things. Veggies in combination with proteins or whole grains have made up the bulk of this week’s foods. I’ve had at least one nice sized batch of greens daily, and quinoa, and my lentil quinoa burgers. I’ve used either a wedge of Laughing Cow or fat-free cottage cheese whenever cheese was called for.

I still have an evening and a full day before weigh-in. I am not “dreading” weigh-in, but I am curious to see what effect going over my weekly points allowance will have. Since I regard the scale as “just a guide,” I am not overly concerned, especially since the pair of 3X sweat pants that was snug when i found them a few weeks ago is now loose enough that I told the roomie that I would be getting rid of them after this wearing/washing.

Have you ever gone over your food allowance? What kinds of foods did you go over it with? How did it affect your frame of mind toward your ability to stay on your program? Did you beat yourself up, or just note it and move forward?


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