Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

I’ve Been Busy Lately

Posted on: January 28, 2013

Okay, foodwise, I am still going heavily into my weekly Points Plus allowance. I accept that this happens. And, thanks to Diana, I am not beating myself up over doing so.

I’ve been working hard on a lifestyle change project: getting my apartment to reflect who I really am. It’s been hard work — going through boxes and boxes of stuff that’s been sitting there for eight years. I’ve had some help with it from both the roomie and friends, but the truth is that if I want this place to look the way I want it to, I am going to have to do the bulk of it myself.

The good news, is that the better  the apartment looks, the less frustrated I feel, and the less I feel the need to stuff down that frustration with food. And moving all the crap around has got to be good for Activity points. The bad news is it’s going to take the better part of the year to get the place to really be the way II want it. My sister was here yesterday, and had a bunch of ideas — some really good, others not so much *my* style. A lot will have to be done piecemeal, given my finances, but at least it’s all in process.

I’ve also been working on some kitting commissions, which will hopefully raise some cash for some dental work that Medicaid won’t cover. Getting the dental work done soon will keep it from being much worse later.

So, this weekend, I haven’t done much cooking, all told, and don’t have much fascinating to report. I’m here; I’m doing okay; and I expect to keep going forward on all fronts. Not too terrible for just about one month into 2013.

How is your 2013 going? What plans of yours have an impact on sticking to your program? What do you want to do better (or differently) this year?


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