Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Friday is for Feeling (Relatively) Good.

Posted on: February 22, 2013

Went to meeting, and had a pretty good time, all things considered.

Was up 1.8 lbs., but it was expected, because I am now eating regularly again.  And I have no problem, because I know I am doing what I’m supposed to do.

We talked a lot today about Power Foods.  As I’ve noted before, these are foods that give you the most nutritional bang for your Points Plus values. We were asked what power foods we relied on each week, and when we all had the same answers we always do, our leader asked us to go home, take the small green book, and highlight all the power foods, so we could see how many of them we aren’t using. So I’ve added that to my task list for this weekend.

We also discussed the PLU stickers that appear on fruits and vegetables.  The main things to look for are:

  • 4-digit codes beginning with 3 or 4 are fruits that have been grown conventionally, that is they may have been sprayed with pesticides or other additives.
  • 5-digit codes beginning with 9 are foods that have been certified organic.
  • 5-digit codes beginning with 8 indicate that the fruit or vegetable has been genetically modified.

Let’s use Granny Smith Apples as an example:

  • #4017    conventional
  • #94017 organic
  • #84017 genetically modified

So I learned something new today, and will definitely use that knowledge when I go shopping.




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