Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

It’s Hard to Write a Food Post When You Don’t Feel like Eating!

Posted on: February 25, 2013

I’ve had some kind of stomach bug this weekend — nothing too serious, but eating is not something I want to do too much of right now.

I have been mostly living on soups, which – fortunately – I have a decent backlog of. Yesterday night and today, I ventured to have some sunny side up eggs and toast.

Anyway, moving has also been a non-starter today.

I woke up about 10 am, started to do work, but couldn’t get anywhere near focused enough. Took some Coriciden HBP® Cold & Flu, and crawled back to bed, where I stayed most of the day. Roomie noted that I must be sick if I went to bed during The Chew.

Unfortunately, when you are a freelancer, there is no such thing as a real sick day. I did manage to get more of the manuscript edited, and write two of the three articles I needed to.  Submitted the articles, with a letter asking if I could lump the third with the three due Wednesday.

Question for any freelancers out there:  How do you handle days when you are just too sick to work? (Fortunately, this does not happen too often, which is why I need to figure out early how to handle it when it does.)

Anyway, I’m going to head back to bed. Hopefully, this will have passed by the morning.


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