Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Going to a Seder…

Posted on: March 28, 2013

Tuesday, I went to a Seder at DB & JB’s with friends.  The party was DB & JB, Big Z, MB, MSG, HS, and me.  DB & I were the only females, which made it kind of interesting.

Then again, a Seder where all but one of the guests has been concom, and all but one of those are concom for the same convention (Contata) would be interesting by any definition of the word. (Note for those not into SF conventions: “Concom” is short for “Convention Committee,” basically the merry band of fools who put the whole convention together and run it.)

Add to which, the convention we all run is a filk (Science fiction folk singing, for those who aren’t either filkers or in SF Fandom) convention, and you know the stage is et for a ton of uns, bad jokes, straight lines, song cues, and assorted silliness.

DB kept the menu fairly simple: Other than the stuff that was required by Torah or custom, there was a lovely meal consisting of gefilte fish for the first course, and a chicken and sweet potato stew for the main course. There was homemade ginger/honey candy (made by J’s mom, who had been at their first night Seder), a kosher for Passover layer cake that Big Z brought, and the fruit and nut platter that MSG and I brought.

Tonight, dinner is simple: roasted chicken, broccoli, and baked potatoes, with a couple of macaroons for dessert.  It’s nice to have something simple after two very elaborate dinners.

I’ve been eating a lot of salads for the other meals, but you folks know that I am the salad Queen.

I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing so far this Passover. I have no idea whether I’ll gain or lose this holiday, but if a food program is not livable and flexible, it’s not worth doing.  We’ll see what happens on Friday.


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