Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

It’s Being a Week

Posted on: March 29, 2013

Between needing to actually talk with my London client this morning, my work load, and the ills produced by Passover eating, I’m not getting to meeting today.

Now Passover is a lovely holiday. It’s a celebration of freedom from slavery in Egypt, and a remembrance of where we Jews come from. We eat matzoh and maror to remember the bitterness of slavery and hard, physical labor. Whether we are religious or not, it affects – in many ways – both how Jews look at the world, and how we developed social consciousness of the world’s wrongs.


One of the commandments for the holiday is that we eat matzoh instead of bread for eight days. For those who don’t know, matzoh is unleavened bread, basically flour and water. Yep. Solidified library paste, essentially. In terms of diet, back when Weight Watchers was based on exchanges, one board of matzoh was equal to three pieces of bread. These days, plain, regular matzoh is 3 Points Plus® per board. Now, I’ve managed to find a matzoh that is 2 Points Plus® per board – Osem’s Israeli Whole Wheat High-Fiber Matzah – and is still kosher for Passover.And, since I’m not a big bread eater to begin with, I manage to keep my consumption (except during the Seders) down to a board or two a day. However, when one has the kinds of elimination problems that I have, even that can send me running back and forth between my desk and the loo all day and all night, in pretty severe pain. Toss in not being able to get enough solid sleep for a few nights from all the running back and forth, and you have a pretty unhappy blogger here.

Still, I am doing what I can to offset the issues by eating lots of fruit and veg and staying as hydrated as my other medical conditions permit me to.

The upshot of this is that I will probably gain a few pounds this week, but they will mostly be from solid retention, and will vanish over the next week or so — once the holiday ends.

I’m not overly worried about it, but it is part of my process, and it does come up around this time each year, so I figured I should note it in this blog.

Anyway, I wish those of you celebrating Passover with me a happy, healthy holiday, and I wish those of you celebrating Good Friday today (and Easter on Sunday) a happy, healthy holiday also. And to those of you who don’t celebrate either, I wish you a happy, healthy Spring Holiday of your choice.


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