Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey


Posted on: April 5, 2013

Well, unaccountable in the weight department, anyway. Did not make it to meeting today. Woke up feeling really crappy, and went back to bed after taking all my morning meds. I know I need to get back to going to meetings, but I really, really didn’t want to pass this cold on to anyone else, especially not C, who has health issues of her own to deal with right now.

I spent part of today at my doctor’s office, due to the cold that is trying to turn into a sinus infection. He put me on doxycycline for twelve days, which is not fun, but is far, far better than letting the cold become a sinus infection.

Came home and napped, then M picked me up and we headed off to dinner. We found a really good Indian restaurant called Gandhi, on Bedford Avenue, between Clarkson & Parkside Avenues. They have all the traditional fare one finds in NYC Indian restaurants, but they also had a couple of Chef’s Specials that sounded so good we opted for them instead. We started with the Chana Poori, a poori bread served with a side order of spicy chick peas. Then we had the Palaka Soup, a wonderful blend of spinach and dal. Our entrees were the Malabar Curry, which was chicken in a wonderful sauce of mustard seeds and lime, and Kumra Jhinga, shrimp and plantains in a more traditional sauce. I had spice tea with milk, and it was perfect. For dessert, I had rasmalai, a kind of cheese patty in almond/coconut sauce. Unlike many NY Indian restaurants, they don’t put rosewater in their rasmalai sauce, so I was a very happy diner, indeed. M and I are definitely planning to go back there (especially after we found out that the sauce the used for the rasmalai is the base they use for their pistachio kulfi and their mango kulfi (Indian ice cream). M ordered a biryani to take home to his wife, so I’m not sure what his portion of the bill was, but mine came to $26 (I paid for the tea and the rasmalai, since he had not ordered either of those (although they were nice enough to throw a cheese patty for him into my order) with tax and tip.

Definitely worth every penny of the money, too! I really look forward to going back there again.


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