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Taking the Day Off

Posted on: April 19, 2013

In view of this week’s rapidly expanding horrific events in Boston, I am taking today off from this blog.

Like most of us, I am glued to the coverage, and full of questions that may never be answered.

I wish all of my readers who live in the affected area a quick return to relative normalcy and something of the safety that we, as Americans, tend to take for granted.

I hope they catch the second young man alive, and that he is able to shed light on the whys of the situation, although I fear that won’t happen.

I hope that people can look at this somewhat dispassionately until all the facts that can be gathered are gathered, although with all the rumors and speculation being flung over the media and the Internet, I suspect it’s a vain hope.

But mostly, I hope that we finally learn how to  not hate and envy each other, and how not to belittle each other, so that the fanaticisms of the world can finally recede into the mists.  And, lest you think me naive, I know the likelihood of that happening…but I still hope for it.

What no one seems to be able to answer for me is when did political correctness, and lip service to diversity, become a substitute for actually respecting each other as human beings?



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