Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

I Had a Good Day

Posted on: April 26, 2013

Went to WW this morning.  Results were about what I had expected. I’m not sure my head is back in the game yet, but at least I am starting to think about it.

After WW, I went to catch the bus into Manhattan. Got to the stop early, so I went to the library nearby to kill some time, and found two Lawrence Block mysteries I haven’t read.  These are not from his series books, and are quite hard to find.

Got to Manhattan, ad dropped my opal and sapphire ring at the jewelers to be fixed, then I headed up to 49th Street & Rockefeller Plaza to meet my friend, A.  We wandered  around the Plaza and its Concourse, then we wandered over to a little public park on west 48th Street, where we sat for a while prior to meeting two other frieds, M & H.  Dinner was at  a Chipotle , and it was nice with a lot of good conversation. Then A & M walked me to the express bus, and I headed home.

So, I had a nice day, and hopefully, I will have a little help tomorrow in finally getting the rest of my bed assembled.




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