Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Went to Lunch with My Sister Today

Posted on: April 29, 2013

We ate at a local diner, and we both had salmon.  It was supposed to be poached, but the cook had no clue how to poach fish.  He grilled it, and hers was hard as a rock.  Mine was a bit better, but it still wasn’t poached. We had mashed potatoes with it, and spinach, and those were average.

However, as I noted to her, the meal wasn’t the actual point; seeing my sister was. And we had a good day – no arguments. And, even if the food was a bit disappointing, it was pretty good.


On Sunday, after the housefilk and concom meeting, I went to dinner with three friends, H, J, L, and M. We ended up at a restaurant called Red Bowl in Flushing. We had mustard greens with oyster sauce, pea shoots with garlic, congee with chicken and pumpkin, peanut soup, chicken curry over rice,  salt & pepper shrimp in the shell, and pork chow fun. It was all delicious, and I had a bit of everything, although I primarily stick to the greens and the shrimp.


Also, at the housefilk, while I did grab a handful of chips and salsa, I stuck mostly to the veggies, the cheese, some pistachios, and a piece of gefilte fish.

So, it’s been several events, and I think I did okay on them.

I note that yesterday, needing clean jeans, I dug in my drawer and came up with a pair of stretchy size 22s, with a sailor-type button front. They fit, although they will fit better when I lose more, and – although having to undo and redo eight buttons every time I need the ladies’ room is annoying – it’s nice that I have a summer-weight pair of jeans.  I will need to get the legs tapered at some point though — they are the kind of wide-legged jeans that I don’t particularly like.

Anyway, I need to get back to editing, so that’s about it for today.


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