Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Catching Up and Dining Out

Posted on: May 11, 2013

Yes, I should have posted this yesterday, but when I got home from dinner I was in what my friend Lisa calls “sleepy predator mode.” The food was so good, and I was so full, that I actually slept on the bus almost all the way home.

So, what was this wonderful food?

We (Lisa, Josh [her SO], Marc, Harold, Kathy, Abby and me) went to La Vie En Szechuan, at 14 East 33rd Street. Lisa and Josh had been recommending this restaurant to me for a while now, and it seemed like a nice treat given that Kathy is in town.

It’s a nice place, btw; a bit loud, and very crowded (any time one of us had to get up, half of our table had to get up and move), but the majority of the diners were Asian, which is a good sign for an Asian fusion restaurant. Other than the noise, the only real issue we had was the lighting — Abby has a health issue called photomyclonic response, which means that fluorescent lights flicker at a rate that can trigger an epileptic-style response, which she dealt with by going our for walks a couple of times.

We primarily ordered family style:  two appetizers, and five entrees, and shared according to who could eat what…in order of food crotchets (from greatest to least) we run Abby, Kathy, Marc, Harold, me, Lisa & Josh.

What we ordered:

Appetizers:  Chicken with Szechuan Pepper Sauce, mini crabmeat soup buns, fried pork dumplings

Entrees: Barley Flavored Ribs, Pan Fried Rice Stuffed Duck, Mei Shan Dongpo Pork Shoulder, Shrimp with Salted Pepper, and Stir Fried Shredded Duck with Pickled Ginger

I had a bit of everything except the duck (I can’t eat ginger – it tastes like soap to me), and it was all yummy.  We were all just stuffed enough to decide against dessert. With seven people sharing, it came out to a reasonable price, too – $21 each, including tax and tip.

If I do go back there, and I suspect I will, it will not be in the middle of dinner hour on a Friday.  I am glad I thought to call and get us a reservation in the morning — they never would have been able to seat us had I not done so.

Oh, on a different note:  If any of my readers in New York City (yeah, all five boroughs) know of any good places to eat that use either incandescent or halogen lighting, rather than fluorescent lighting, I would love to hear about them.  Our group tries to make allowances for each other’s physical issues, and I would love to find some good, not-too-expensive places that we can go to with Abby where she won’t have to get up in the middle of dinner and go for a walk outside.

See everyone Monday!


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