Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Thanksgiving/Chanukah Dinner and Update

Posted on: November 29, 2013

The people were Sue L. (the roomie), Marc G. (the ex), Joanne C., Mark B., and Claudia R. The dinner went off without a hitch, and a plate was made to send home to Marc’s wife, Donna C. (who has marginally less mobility than me). Donna rates a plate any time I make a social dinner, because for years she die the same for me, and even invited me over to join them for feasts she made (and she is a most excellent cook). We never got to the cookies Mark B. brought, because – in the spirit of Chanukah – he also brought Sufganiyot, which were more traditional.

Claudia got here first, and helped me get the last of Naomi’s bookcases set up and get stuff transferred from the half shelf that had stood in the spot before we got this one set up. So all of Naomi’s bookshelves have now found a home.


2013-11-28 16.27.51Sue’s matzo ball soup was a huge hit, as always. She has totally mastered the art of making matzo balls that seem to be fluffy, but have enough substance (while not sinkers) to be really enjoyed. The turkey and the brisket drew raves, as did the green bean casserole (straight from my Betty Crocker New Cookbook, which had been a gift from Spencer Love & Persis Throndike). The stuffing was good, the rice dish Joanne brought was good, the pumpkin pie Claudia made was delicious, and the two pies I made were enjoyed by everyone.  Needless to say, we were all pleasantly stuffed.  After Everyone pitched in to help clean up, Marc G. gave rides home to Claudia R. and Mark B. The only things that need cleaning as of this moment, are the rack from the turkey, and my plates from breakfast.

And, yes, I am up way too damned early. I had to get up and eat before 5:00 am, because I need to eat with some of my meds, and I can’t eat for three hours before the MRI (according to the message the hospital left for me yesterday), which is at 8:30 this morning. My sister is driving me in, and then driving me home, which I really appreciate, since I am not ready to use the rollator for public transit, and I can use my cane for the distance from the hospital door to the MRI section.

The truth is, I’d much rather crawl back into bed and stay there. The MRI, and a possible CAT scan at some point, are precursors to a pacemaker being put in. The MRI is necessary because I am not presenting in a standard way – the amount of distortion the echocardiogrm picked up is way short of what they would normally see in someone who has become as immobile as I am. In a rare fit of common sense, I have removed all my jewelry already, and will leave it at home.

Anyway, I have now had breakfast and meds, and have called my sister to make sure she’s awake and on schedule, so I should go and get myself washed and dressed.

I hope everyone’s holiday was as pleasant as mine was.


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