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And I’m back in the hospital…

Posted on: February 20, 2014

To be specific, I’m in Beth Israel Kings Highway Hospital, Room 161, Bed 1.

I woke up Sunday and my left leg was bright red and very warm. Called Naomi Moslow, who came over and agreed with me that it was cellulitis. I was gonna wait until Monday and go see Dr. Bilik. However, by suset, the leg was also 3 times its normal size, so the roomie and I called a cab and headed to the hospital.

The infection seems to be fighting back this time, which sucks because I cannot have the open heart surgery until this is thoroughly kicked to the curb. The one good thing about this, so far, is that they finally figured out that I am mildly allergic to vancomycin, which is why my legs blister and peel every time they give it to me.

The bigger problem is that if I am an infection risk. Then I cannot have the surgery until that risk is eliminated. My other news, that I was planning to blog, but that got pre-empted by this mess, is that I met with the surgeon, we hit it off, and have tentatively planned the surgery for end of March/beginning of April, to allow for some dental work I need done to get handled first, since a post-operative infection could kill me. Fortunately for me, Dr. Bilik, my primary care guy, is as determined to get this handled as I am.

I am, therefore, guardedly hopeful. I am also not rushing to get out of here. I don’t love hospitals, but I will stay here until we have gotten this sucker licked. I have to. My life quite literally depends on it.

Calls, visits, and emails are welcome, of course. They are the thing keeping me from just curling up into a ball and giving up. That is the hardest thing for me – to not lose faith that this will all be resolved. There are good days, of course, but there are also days when it seems like I get one thing handled, and two more things pop up to replace them. I will get through this — those of you who know me in RL know how much of a defining trait stubborn is for me.

Anyway, the nurse needs me to help another patient get computer access (I must look like a techie geek), so I’ll cach up with everyone later.





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