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And, Finally, Some Real News!

Posted on: March 6, 2014

The two bouts of cellulitis threw things off a bit, but things are now back on track.

My dentist, the wonderful Dr. Lawrence Wang, of Madison Square Dentistry in Manhattan (call me if you want a referral – he can even x-ray me without problems), squeezed me in for today. When I got there, he noted that I didn’t need a root canal, which would have thrown the schedule off even more, just a deep filling, which he did along with a cleaning. With the dental work out of the way, I was able to call the surgeon’s office and get my heart surgery scheduled!

The date for my heart surgery is, as of this moment, March 26th, 2014.

Yes, I’m scared. I’d be an idiot not to be scared. But I am hoping that this will give me back my life, or at least some portion thereof, so I am also very excited!

I’ve also seen the neurologist, although I will now have to move the appointment for the nerve test since I will likely still be in the hospital on the March 31st.

So, that is where things are at for the moment, and I am delighted that I will finally be making some real progress on getting my life back.


4 Responses to "And, Finally, Some Real News!"

Good luck!

Woo hoo! Hang in there!

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