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Tentative Schedule and Information as of Now

Posted on: March 21, 2014

My pre-surgical clearance work is set for Monday, 24 March, at 10:30. I will be getting a ride in and a ride home.

My surgery is scheduled (should nothing else go wrong) for Wednesday, 26 March, time TBD. The location will be Mount Sinai Hospital, in Manhattan. I am told that I will be in CCU for a few days after the surgery, with very limited visiting, and I probably won’t be up to talking on the phone a lot. If you are local and want to visit, I suggest checking with the hospital for visiting hours and durations or if you know Marc G. or the roomie, call them. After that, I will be transferred to a regular room for several days. Beyond that, it is probable that I will have to go to a rehab place for a few more days, and have some aid at home after the rehab. Tentatively, recovery is supposed to take from six to eight weeks.

I’m mostly holding up okay, although I am scared (which makes total sense – I’m about to let someone literally mess with my heart, and they will have to separate the sternum to do so).

Here is a URL for some information on the surgery I’m going to be having, just in case you want to find out a bit more. Not sure how much I will be blogging between now and going in for the surgery, although I will try to write about the pre-surgery stuff on Monday evening.

To all my friends, I love you; to all my readers that I don’t yet know, I value your taking the time to read this blog; to any family reading, I love you.  While I truly believe I will come through this and recover just fine, I did not want to close without saying it – just in case.

See you all Monday.


2 Responses to "Tentative Schedule and Information as of Now"

Here’s hoping all goes well, and that after recovery you’ll be able to do a lot more than before.

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