Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Mostly Recovering.

Posted on: April 7, 2014

First, I note that I am a bit depressed today, which will probably color this to some degree.

I got home on Wednesday, 2 April, and was very glad to do so. I was supposed to come home on the first, but I had an A-Fibulation incident (right after the discharge process had been started, no less), and they wanted to observe me overnight, which made sense.

When I got home, we picked up the roomie, dropped off my prescriptions, and went to get some lunch. At that point, my energy crashed, so Nancy T and the roomie picked up food while I waited in the car. Eventually got into the house, and over to my desk, where I ate lunch.

The next day, the roomie had some family stuff to do, so Debbie B came over and sat with me until Naomi M could get there. Spoke to the VNS folks, and an appointment was set for Friday. I now can make it from the bed to the bathroom and back, mostly without having to stop along the way. At some point I had a conversation on the phone with Nancy, and we realized that we might have a clue for some of the roomie’s disconnects. Told her and she agrees that it is a possibility, but for now that’s her story to tell, not mine.

Friday, the roomie went out to do some errands, while I settled in for a nap. I woke to someone trying to take the air conditioner out of my window and yelling at me mostly in Russian. I started trying to call the roomie figuring she was back, but she wasn’t. She had lost her keys while running errands, and decided it would be a bad idea to make me walk to the front door to let her in. Instead, she went to get the Landlord – who was in Pennsylvania with his wife. The guy yelling in Russian turned out to be his father-in-law. (Why she thought it would be less stressful to wake up to someone trying to break into the house than to have to take the time to walk to the front door is beyond me.) She still has not found her keys, btw.

Nor has Naomi found my glasses. Not the end of the world, since I have two spare pairs, but still no fun.

According to the Visiting Nurse Service, I will be getting Nursing visits for 5 weeks, tapering off slowly; and five weeks of PT, also tapering off slowly. They are also trying to get me a home health aide for some part of that period.

Oh, and, of course, my usual problems stemming from the surgery back in 2008 have kicked in, so I feel exhausted.

Visits and phone calls are welcome, but I may  not be up for much talking at any given minute.

So, that’s what’s happening at the moment.  For now, I’m gonna crawl back into bed.


4 Responses to "Mostly Recovering."


*hugs* back, Turtle!

Hugs. Do what you need to take care of yourself.

Hugs. Thanks. I’m trying to.

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