Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

A Little Progress

Posted on: April 8, 2014

Today has been a good day. I’ve been up since about 7 am, and have not spent large portions of the day napping. I was able to get to the bathroom and back without my cane — several times. I was able to sit at my desk for larger portions of the day than previously. I was able to get clothes on — including the compression bra, and wear it much of the day. I was able to sit up through my friend Adria’s most welcome visit. I was able, using my cane and making one stop each way, to let Adria out of the house when her visit ended – which meant walking from one end of the house to the other, and up the hall step so I could get the door unlocked and open. I was even able to get some knitting done. I’m still using the spirometer every time I think of it, which is probably not nearly enough. It is, however, more than most people use it after leaving the hospital. Some of my appetite is returning, although I’m still not eating a lot at any given sitting.

I noticed this morning that I seem to be getting a cold, so I called the surgeon’s office to see if it was okay to take my normal cold meds (Coricidin HBP – Cold and Flu), and got the okay to do so, since getting a cold right now would be a Very Bad Thing.

I have had the first home visit from the nurse. I need to call them tomorrow and see what happened to the physical therapist they said they were assigning me.

Tomorrow and Thursday will be used largely for my first two follow-up visits; both at the same office four blocks from home: the cardiologist is Wednesday, and my primary care guy is Thursday. It will be interesting to see how much effort it takes to get up the stairs to the office.

Tonight is the chat for the club I’ve been in since 1972. We’ve been doing online chats once a week for a few years now. Sometimes, they are well-populated; sometimes, they are just a few of us.

Anyway, such is my life today. More news when I get it.



4 Responses to "A Little Progress"

Good news. Day by day does it.

So they tell me. Thanks and hugs.

I’d forgotten about the club chats, but I was out of it last night after getting up at 5AM, and having to do extra walking and carrying for Tony. Maybe next week…

First, how is Tony doing?

Second, next week is Passover, so I’m doing the Seder Tuesday (with help from the roomie). Week after that should be good, though.

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