Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey

Mostly Caught Up…for the Moment

Posted on: April 11, 2014

I saw the cardiologist on Wednesday, and my primary care guy on Thursday, and they are pretty pleased with how things are going. Both like my ideas for once I am cleared for doing light exercise: walking, chair or cardiac yoga, and hula hooping for a bit of cardio. My primary care guy says I should discuss a cardiac rehab with the surgeon, and that it would be like a gym for me, but without trainers who think you should be killing yourself to run marathons or suchlike. Will take his advice, as he knows me really well. My next two appointments are the neurologist for the nerve test I had to postpone because I got a good date for the surgery on the 28th, and the surgeon for a follow up on the 29th.

The bad news is that doing the eight or so steps to and from that particular office pretty much wore me out. Therefore, in addition to not doing dinner with the usual crew today, I am pretty much writing off FIStFA this month (about eight steps to get into the building, and another eight to get out) and the traditional Seder at my friends Jon & Debbie’s (about 13 steps each way once I’m in the house; about four to get in and out). Still, I am healing, and this is the main thing.

I was able to sleep on my right side, and on my left side, for a bit overnight, which is a major improvement! I hate sleeping on my back, no matter how many pillows you shove under me.

The roommate’s disconnects seem to be getting worse again, though; this means I cannot count on her for any real help.  She does not lift her feet when she walks and her shuffling and getting her feet tangled in wires without noticing almost brought the lamp down on me twice yesterday. Her response when I pointed this out was to tell me that I should throw boiling water on her to punish her for her bad behavior. Or maybe I should kill her like she deserves. The bad thing is she wasn’t kidding. She really believes she deserves punishment of some kind, just for existing. I’m scared, because this is not the first time she has come u-p with these totally out-of-proportion-to-the-issue punishments for herself. She claims her parents never punished her like that, but I cannot imagine that she could come up with these things if *someone* hadn’t abused her as a kid. To her credit, she did make an appointment to talk to the primary care guy about getting a referral to be evaluated for autism or something along the spectrum. But I am totally scared for her. Hell, I’m an ex-battered kid, and I can’t come up with the thoroughly vicious things she believes she deserves.

I’ve been on the phone twice with the VNS this week, since they seem to be dragging their butts about getting me the physical therapist and the home health aide. If I don’t have an answer on these by Monday, I am going to call the Medicaid HMO, and let them read the VNS the riot act. I just don’t have the energy.

Since I can’t concentrate enough to read, but I can do simple knitting, I made a pattern called the Ritalin Shawl that I found on Ravelry. Used up some of my favorite Noro sock yarns. I plan to make another over the next few days.

I still can’t stand long enough to do actual cooking for myself, so the roomie is making our meals. She’s trying to use some spices, so things don’t taste bad, but the meals are still pretty bland and mostly the same: boneless, skinless chicken breast, or small pork cutlets, a fair amount of starch of one kind or another, and some frozen veggies. The only good thing is that she does like Brussels sprouts and beets, which I also like, but mostly the veggies are whatever frozen veggies were cheap at Family Dollar. If I make a list, she might remember to get some fresh produce, so I’m gonna try that later. Also going on the list, some nice plum tomatoes and some bananas, so I can keep my potassium up while I am on the amiodarone, the furosemide, and the increased dosage of the metoprolol.

She did finally get a replacement key for the house key she lost, so I don’t have to lend her my key if she goes out. She also got a couple of spares, which have been placed where I know about them, just in case she loses her key again.

In other things, I have spent much of my adult life with very itchy skin. Since the surgery, I have had almost no desire to scratch. I see this as a vast improvement. I hope it continues.

So, to recap. Other than being scared about the roomie and her disconnects, things are going pretty smoothly for me. I’m a bit impatient to be able to get back to doing things, like being able to walk the length of the apartment without having to stop for a rest, but that will come. I also can’t wait until reaching high or low is not an issue, but that will come, too.



2 Responses to "Mostly Caught Up…for the Moment"

Tony is tired of having to lie flat on one side (left eye up) due to the surgery Tuesday already, but the Dr seems to think it is healing as well as expected, so he needs to continue it.

My love to Tony, and my wishes for speedy healing.

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