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It’s been a while but I’m still here.  I mostly haven’t written because I figured no one needed to hear me whine while I tried to sort out what was left of my life after the surgery. It hasn’t been an easy road. I tried the cardiac rehab and it was working until the therapist decided that fact shaming me was more important than listening. I was able to do the cardio work just fine but she refused to acknowledge that the problems I was having on the treadmill were due to my sciatica. I tried arguing with her for about a month, but eventually it got more upsetting and aggravating to go then to not go. Unfortunately, all that really happened from it was that I ended up having to fight depression on top of everything else.  It also meant I lost ground on the walking progress as my sciatica was just getting worse and worse.  It also meant that I lost ground on my freelancing, because I was spending a lot of time sleeping because I was so depressed.

Anyway, that being said, it’s time to get over myself and get my tuchis back in gear.  Last week, for the first time, I was able to turn in a reasonable amount of work on all my projects. I was also able to get a little of the organizational stuff I really needed to do accomplished. I’m still having trouble standing and walking, but once it gets warmer I intend to remedy that.

Right now my brain is not up to knitting so I picked up a couple of cross stitch projects to work on.  I’m just waiting for the thread  and some embroidery hoops to arrive.

In other news, the roomie’s friend, Pat, passed away in October. As a result, we now have two more cats.  While they are very nice cats, we really didn’t need to more cat. On the other hand, I now have a cat that actually likes me.  Archie is a 19-pound, orange, diabetic Maine Coon mix with the personality of an adorable puppy. He likes nothing better than to lying on my bed and get skritched. He gets along with the other three cats nicely.  Annie, known as “The Vonce,” is another story. While she and Archie get along, she and Fat Louie tolerate each other, and she and Kitt do not get along at all.

I finally was able to get my Disability approved, so I am now getting enough money to live on. I’ve paid back a portion of my student loans, and have given a couple of folks I owed money to the money. I am grateful my friends were there to help me out, and more than grateful that I was able to make a dent in what I owe.

Thanks to an old friend, Moshe Feder, I found an interesting app for my tablet.  it’s called “Waterlogue” and it lets you turn your photographs inSelf-Portrait December 2014to watercolors. This is a self-portrait I made the other day. I quite like the program, and expect to have a lot of fun with it. I’ve done a couple of pics of the cats with it, too, but they can get posted some other time. I’ve also been playing with an app called “Paper,” which lets you draw in a “notebook” on your tablet with various “brushes,” as well as a stylus that you can purchase separately. I’m not real good at that yet, but hopefully 2015 will bring me lots of opportunities to get better at it.

One thing I really missed this year was making Christmas dinner for my friends who don’t have where to go. I was not up for cooking, though, and I was not gonna ask the roomie to do it all, so this year it had to fall by the wayside. Hopefully, this will be the only year that I have to drop that little ritual.

So. I’m hoping to get back to posting three days a week again in 2015. I’m also hoping to get back to getting rid of all the weight I gained while being ill. I know myself well enough to know I can’t force myself to get back to doing the right things. I am hoping that the way I’ve felt this week means I am pulling out of the depression, so I can start making progress because, frankly, I want my life back.


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