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Friday night a small group of us met at Moldova, 1827 Coney Island Avenue, in Brooklyn, which is one of two branches of the restaurant (the other is in Philadelphia). A look at their menu promised a lot of dishes that were essentially the same as the Middle European foods that Marc, Mark, Sue and I had had as kids, and we had recommendations from two separate people, so we were interested in seeing if they could accommodate our usual dinner group, which I think they will do quite nicely.

To quote “I like a place that has a very obvious pride for itself. Moldova is a place like this, the people here know how to run it, they look very formal yet inviting, and the food is prepared and plated beautifully. As far as I know, it represents the only restaurant serving Moldovan food in the city, and takes this responsibility very seriously.”

The lights were incandescents, the food was excellent. The service was a bit slow, but that was because they were clearly packed. However, our table of five was able to carry on conversation without yelling, even though most of the larger groups dining that night had large numbers of kids.

The restaurant gets bonus points for a number of reasons. When we arrived, our table was ready, and we were seated, even though our party was not complete. Further, an older lady was waiting for her ride, and when it arrived, three of the employees helped her to the vehicle.

Besides the lighting, one reason we tried the place was its promise of mamaliga (polenta). We got an order of mamaliga with bacon, cheese, and sour cream for the table, as well as the smoked fish platter, which had been recommended by Lisa Braun. Both were good, although the herring on the smoked fish platter was a bit drier than we expected. The butterfish and salmon were excellent.

Marc had fried fish, I tried the rabbit (it tasted like dark meat turkey), Mark had the house special (mamaliga with sour cream and bacon, Sue had the schnitzel with mashed potatoes, and Abby had the chicken. Sue and I had dessert; I opted for the walnut stuffed plums drenched in a chocolate and wine reduction, which was nice, but a bit too sweet – even for me. Sue opted for the chocolate-backed pudding, which turned out to be a fairly huge slice of cake.

If you are planning to go for dinner, especially with a group, you should call them at 718.998.2827 to make reservations.


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