Food and Weight: An Ongoing Journey


Welcome to my journey.  After having gained back almost all of the 77 lbs I lost a few years ago, I got sick. In June, a couple of infected mosquito bites led to cellulitis that went both septic and systemic, and damn near killed me (quite literally — when I went into the hospital my blood pressure was 92/56 and falling, and I had lost control of bodily functions).  When I went into the hospital, I weighed 275 lbs.  When I left the hospital, I had gotten down to 269.  Determined to keep the weight off, I tried to just make better choices and, indeed, got down to 255.  But I started noticing the scale creeping back up.

Then I happened to speak with a friend who I had gone to Weight Watchers with last time I lost weight.  She, too, had gained back her weight.  We decided to rejoin Weight Watchers, which we did on August 31st.  My friend may or may not decide to tell her story somewhere; I have decided to tell mine here.  My weight on rejoining was 262.4, and my goal weight is 140.  Last time, I made it 2/3 of the way to my goal.  This time, I am planning to go all the way.

Please feel free to say what is on your mine!  I love comments, and try to answer every one.  Not only do I learn things from them, but they are a large part of the support network underpinning this particular jpourney back to health!


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