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Last fall, My friend Nicole tried out for Master Chef. She has blogged about it here.

I went with her, took pics, and stood in line with her and another friend, Conroy, who also came to cheer her on.

She really wrote a good recap of her experience, and has some interesting links, so you should go and read it.


Okay. I’m starting this one before weigh-in because I have something to tell you about.

I recently received a sample of Big Train’s Low Carb Hot Chocolate. I don’t remember how or why I received it, but I tried it the other day…it was darned cold in here, what with the Landlord rationing heat until the problems that prevented oil trucks from getting down our street were fixed. Anyway, I ran the stats through the Points Plus Calculator, and came up with 2 Points Plus per packet. And it tasted like proper hot chocolate should (and I’m spoiled on hot chocolate ever since a friend introduced me to the “you can almost chew it” brew that Jacques Torres makes). Anyway, I emailed the company, and their Nicky Hopkins responded and told me that it can be ordered online from, along with a number of their other products. Their actual website, Big Train, has a 2 lb can of the low carb hot cocoa for sale, as well as coffees, chais, and other beverage mixes. Please note that I have not received any recompense for this — I just tried the product and liked it enough to want to share it with all of you.

My walking has been pretty bad this week — between not being able to get off the block right after the hurricane, and being indoors most of this week because of the nor’easter and a cold, I got very little done.

  • 11/2: 0 steps
  • 11/3: 0 steps
  • 11/4: 0 steps
  • 11/5: 0 steps
  • 11/6: 1931 steps
  • 11/7: 0 steps
  • 11/8: 0 steps

Gonna have to start working on that again, so I don’t lose the ground I’ve worked so hard to gain.

Oh, in other news, in order to heat the house while our power was down last night, I tried a basic artisan bread recipe. I think that either my flour or yeast was too old, so the loaf didn’t rise as much as it should have, but it was tasty, and the crust came out just right. I am cautiously pleased. This is the first time I used a pizza stone to bake on, and the first time I have tried bread that was not in a loaf pan or a bread machine. Since I don’t have the formula tweaked yet, I am not providing a Points Plus value for the recipe.

Went to weigh-in this morning, and the result was pretty much what I expected, although I did n0t gain nearly as much as I had feared. Up 2.6 lbs., today’s weight is 248. However, I am totally back on track now, and feeling good about the future.

Today at meeting, we were discussing power foods, and also remembering why we joined Weight Watchers in the first place. (I joined this time because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.) The discussion of power foods was really interesting because none of us knew as much about power foods as we thought we did. My next post will be about power foods, I think.

So, today’s questions are Why did you decide to do something about your weight? and If you are on Weight Watchers, how much do you know about power foods?

Anyway, peace out, and I’ll see everyone Monday! Have a great weekend!

If you live in the United States, and are eligible to vote today, I beg you to remember that voting  is a responsibility, as well as both a right and a privilege.  If you have not voted yet, please do so before the polls close.  How you vote is not my business, nor will I push my politics on you, but I do ask that you vote. (And, yes, I voted, as did the roomie.)

Thank you and peace out!

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